The missing pieces in content marketing

We could talk about content all day, highlight the importance of new content, and use meaningless phrases like “content is king” until the large domesticated ungulates come home – cows. There is a truth about content that we all have to face in order to understand anything about it – content is not new unless it is original.

Posting content from one site to another does not make it new and it certainly does not make it yours. To have an impact on an audience content needs to be engaging, enriching, and relevant – if it’s not then why should anybody care?

The real secret is storytelling.

Every brand has a story. Your story may include emotional starts, real-life hurdles, “ah-ha” moments, but a brand’s success is about providing value. Whether you’re enriching peoples lives with philanthropy, simplifying tasks through services, or reenforcing body image with a clothing line – to the consumer your message matters and, of course, it should matter to you.

The story doesn’t stop once the play button stops, it lives and breathes through every interaction with your company. Social media turns a lot of the conversation that used to be private into a very large public forum. Every response to a Facebook post, every Twitter reply, the way you do or don’t engage with your audience tells a lot about your brand.

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.

Trevor Morris

Director of Photography, Southern Exposure

Ohki Komoto


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Darrel Hughey

Digital Content Strategist, BB

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